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Satan Sneers:  The artist's refections on the Covid-19 pandemic.
Satan Sneers
The artist's reflections on the Covid-19 pandemic.
Happy Holidays 2019
Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas and a Very Happy 2020!
Wonderful Victoria
Wonderful Victoria
Imre Szekely's birthday present to Queen and country. Queen Elizatbeth's 65 years since ascending to the throne and Canada's 150 years since confederation.
With Hungarian Ambassador Balint Odor
Presentation to Hungarian Ambassador
Imre Szekely presents his artwork Parliament Building to dr. Balint Odor, the Hungarian ambassador to Canada, during a ceremony at the provincial legislature in Victoria, BC commemorating the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.
September 30, 2016
Mission of Optimism
Mission of Optimism
A Gift to NATO
October 12, 2015
The Penultimate Moment
Aug 27, 2014
My Christmas Gift to Justin Trudeau
Dec 17, 2013
Imre Szekely in the news

" Now What Do I Say ? "

" A Target of Censorship "



Homage to Pécs

The 31 exhibited art pieces were donated to the organizers who founded the Imre Szekely Art Foundation. The proceeds from all sales go to support the arts and culture. 

A kiállított 31 alkotásomat odaajándékoztam a tárlat szervezőinek, rendezőinek. Egy Művészeti Alapítványt hoztunk létre a nevemben. Az eladott képeim árából támogatom a művészetet és a kultúrát.

We have faith in you
Bízunk benned

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Experiment with Dimension

Attila, First King of Hungarian
In Memoriam to the Great Hunnish Conqueror.

Attila, First King of Hungarians




Imre Szekely shows off the piece of art he created that will be auctioned off for the Tsunami Relief.

Mother Earth Shattered

Szekely Gallery - Island of Peace RECENT from the artist...

Imagine all the countries of the world coming together to form an Island of universal peace.

Island of Peace
(28"x36") Montage


Additional Art? Checkout the online Gallery. Charity? Please see the Contact Info page.

Its not too late yet...
We can still Help!
I offer this piece "Never Again"
...to support the victims and families of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon.
Cost of Artwork: $10 US
includes postage charges
All profits made from this piece will be donated to The Red Cross Relief Found.
Please send check or money order to the Artist as outlined on the Contact Info page.

6" x 8" Linocut


The Artist who never rests! Some of the places he went and some of the people he met.


At the Embassy
Mrs. Jennifer Penalosa Szekely
Imre Szekely the Artist
Mr. Charles Godfrey

Meeting in Manila, Philippines at the Embassy of Canada
July 2004

Imre Szekely presented a copy of "Canada Past, Present and Future", a lino-cut and monotype, to the Embassy of Canada in Manila, Philippines.

Mr. Szekely,

Thank you very much for the paintings you so kindly donated to the embassy.
I am sorry I missed you due to my trip to China, but I understand Charles Godfrey had the pleasure of meeting you and receiving your gifts....

I hope you had a pleasant visit to the Philippines.

Peter Sutherland Ambassador of Canada/Ambassadeur du Canada Canadian Embassy/Ambassade du Canada Manila/Manille, Philippines

Independent Exhibition
8 - 15 December 2002

Was held in the Károli Gáspár Hall at the First Hungarian Presbyterian Church in Toronto.


July 21, 2001

The 14th annual Moss Street Paint-In was organized and held at the ART GALLERY of GREATER VICTORIA. This is the largest and most successful visual arts event in Victoria. Imre Szekely, graphic artist, was invited again to join the dozens of artist and an estimated 20 000 visitors. The artist displayed some of his best works here.

1040 Moss St. Victoria, B.C.



Canada Past, Present
and Future

A letter from the Prime Minister

Meeting in Ottawa with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.
March 22, 2001


Imre Szekely presented "Canada Past, Present and Future", a lino-cut and monotype, to Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien at his Parliament Hill office.

Thirty-six carved, individual lino-cut sections represent Canada's past, present and future, while a colorful monotype displays the country in the background.

The arrival of three ships to the Maritime coast from the Old World portrays the past. Other historical symbolism is comprised by an image of the original inhabitants of this land, proudly standing beside a carving on the West Coast.

The present is depicted by the ten provincial and three territorial coat of arms, including Canada's newest addition, Nunavut. Modern, cosmopolitan Canadian skylines are also exhibited in the work.

The figure of a father next to his son, as a mechanical arm sprinkles flowers, embodies the future. Incorporated within this symbolism, a robot carries a basket of flowers, emphasizing the importance of a healthy environment in the future.

A dove bearing the Canadian flag signifies the key role Canada plays as a peacekeeper in an often unstable world.

Numerous other images demonstrate the wonder and magnificence of this great country.


The artist meets with Mr. Sandor Papp
the Ambassador of The Republic of Hungary
at his art showing.
February 4, 2001

A Cultural Celebration

This is Hungary!

Imre Szekely was invited to show his works at Roundhouse Community Centre in Vancouver to join the hundreds who celebrated the 1000 year anniversary of Hungary.

The Hungarian Cultural Society of Greater Vancouver, together with the Hungarian churches and social organizations conducted these festivities by organizing exhibitions and performances.

The festivities illustrated the history and achievements of Hungarians here and abroad, and showcase their contributions to the Pacific Northwest.

Mr. Sandor Papp, the Ambassador of
The Republic of Hungary and
Imre Szekely the Artist.

Carpathian Basin
Our Thousand Year History




Abba Pater

A letter from the Vatican

Received the privilege of being the first Canadian artist to have a personal audience with the Holy Father.
October 27, 1999

Szekely regards "Abba Pater" the finest creation of his 25 years as a Graphic Artist. He produced this composition after listening to the newly released CD " Abba Pater", a compilation of songs, hymns and prayers performed by his Holiness Pope John Paul II. The Hungarian artist was so inspired by the CD's majestic, uplifting and magnificent contents that he was compelled to create this inspirational work of art. He used a classic Linocut, Monotype method combined with hyper- surrealism to create his masterpiece.

On October 27, 1999 Szekely received the privilege of being the
first Canadian artist to have a personal audience with the Holy Father
and to present him with his work. He considers this to be the highlight of his life and career.

"Abba Pater" 1/3
Presently has the honored status of being in the private quarters of His Holiness Pope John Paul II, and at a later date it is to be transferred to the Vatican’s Museum of Contemporary Art, to be on display with the Modern Art Collections that include such masters as Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso.

"Abba Pater" 2/3
Currently displayed in the online Gallery.
Please contact the Artist as outlined on the Contact Info page

"Abba Pater" 3/3
This piece is now on display at the Pilgrimage Church and Franciscan Monastery in Csíksomlyó, Romania.

For more details on "Abba Pater", please see here


Own a piece of History!...of the first Canadian Artist's visit with the Holy Father.
(All money goes to charity.)

A unique and valuable moment in the artist's life was captured in this photo:

Pope John Paul II blesses the artist and his masterpiece on October 27th, 1999 in a personal Audience at the Vatican. The photo also shows the artist's creation which was presented to the Pope as a gift, and now on display at the Vatican.

Limited edition! $99 US 15" x 18" (38x47cm) includes postage charges
Please send check or money order to the Artist as outlined on the Contact Info page.

Framed work of the Vatican Visit

Framed View
Zoomed View


Personalized from the Blessed Artist
...in his own handwriting and signature.

Have you ever received a postcard from a person who has been blessed by the Pope himself?
Here is your chance:
Have it sent to you or your loved one.

  • Blank or ask for personalized  message to be written on the card
  • Sent as Postcard or in an envelope
  • Available in Hungarian and English prints
    possible other languages if in higher demand

Blank Postcards with or without an envelope $3 US includes postage charges
Personalized Postcards with or without an envelope $6
US includes postage charges
Please send check or money order to the Artist as outlined on the Contact Info page.

English Print:
Front   Back
Hungarian Print:
Front   Back


Known and respected for his work & contribution. Some of the places you'll find his Art.

  • The Vatican
  • Budapest, Hungary: House of Parliament
  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Hungarian Embassy
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Consulate of the Republic of Hungary
  • Victoria, British Columbia, Canada: City Hall
  • Manila, Philippines: Canadian Embassy
  • Pécs, Hungary: City Hall
  • Pécs, Hungary: University of Pécs
  • Gyor, Hungary: City Hall
  • and in numerous private collections around the world.

Featured in number of newspapers, magazines, books, TV and radio shows.
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